Diamonfire - A family treasure

The story of a world first from Rülzheim


In 1973 Burkhard Müller from Rülzheim lay the foundation of origin of a world first by stepping into self-employment. He invested total of his 1500 DM savings, to acquire small silver jewelry from Pforzheim manufacturers, which he then sold to boutiques, drugstores and one-line businesses for jewelry as a sales agent himself. In the course of years he bestowed a more distinct structure and a clear vision upon the collection. Burkhard Müller made his mark, business premises were expanded and sales agents who traveled the federal territory regionwide were hired.

Ever since he keeps writing a success story in the jewelry sector with his family business Burkhard Müller Schmuck GmbH. Actually, Burkhard Müller is a certified wholesaler and had started to study business administration at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. Then passion took over and he seized the opportunity to acquire the trade of jewelry sales as a rep in his father´s wholesale. Henceforth, he has been his own boss for more than 4 decades and meanwhile he managed to establish Burkhard Müller Schmuck as a globally operating player on the jewelry market.


From Rülzheim into the world

Since 1976 the production of the Rülzheim company relies on internationality. The production in Far East created the opportunity to think big and connect quantity with quality. With these productive potentialities keeping the sidelines, the company situated in Rülzheim was able to increase its commercial focus on business relations to key accounts. Ever since the eighties Burkhard Müller Schmuck GmbH is one of the most important main suppliers for quantity buyers in the jewelry sector. Today, the company works in close collaboration with all notable german customers in the branches of jewelry and watches and aside from that supplies teleshopping broadcasting stations in Germany and other European markets successfully.


An exclusive world first 

Dynamics, innovation and a keen sense of trends - these are the pillars of success of Burkhard Müller Schmuck GmbH. With the private brand Diamonfire the company created a highlight exciting the jewelry world. Burkhard Müller discovered a new world innovation: "Ideal Cut", a specific grinding technique for diamonds henceforth used for zirconia stones. Now, absolutely nothing distinguishes the Diamonfire zirconia as being one of the most exclusive of all synthetic stones with its 57 hand-sanded facets from its natural ideal. Beyond that the Diamonfire zirconia is measured according to the same quality criteria as a true diamond - purity, proportion and color - and it is even estimated in carat. 

With this exemplary new discovery added on the line of goods Burkhard Müller Schmuck GmbH was able to write an inimitable success story. The initiation of the brand is highly affected by the company´s cooperation with a major german firm, which exclusively accompanied the launching of the brand Diamonfire on the german market. Within these two years of cooperation four Diamonfire collections were sold out completely only after a few days the collections had been launched.

Burkhard Müller bridged a gap in the market. His vision of establishing Diamonfire as a world brand has been energetically pushed forward since then. Since mid-2012 Burkhard Müller Schmuck GmbH has directed the company focus on national and international marketing of the in-house premium brand. The potential, the current market value and the significance of Diamonfire has since that time been utilized autonomously - with great success. In collaboration with the company five traveling salesmen are taking care of the german retail sale and by now more than 200 jewelers are supplied with our Diamonfire collection. Besides, 15 Diamonfire Concession Shops have already been opened in Kaufhof´s top stores: With tendency to rise. At the end of 2012 yet another 40 chain stores of Galeria Kaufhof will be supplied with Diamonfire articles, presented and sold in Kaufhof owned showcases.


A family achievement

Even today Burkhard Müller Schmuck GmbH is run by the family. As the strategic brain, keen thinker and guider of the company Burkhard Müller still takes the reins tightly. From the outset, his wife Hiltrud Müller stood by his side as indispensable source of inspiration. In the meantime she also became an authorized signatory.

The entrance of their oldest daughter Claudia Lösch into the business in 1998 triggered the handover of business matters to the second generation. Today she is one of the managing directors and accounts for order system and goods processing in terms of shop decoration and modular design for the collaboration of Diamonfire with Galeria Kaufhof.

In 2008 their youngest daughter Anna-Maria Müller joined the parental company as well. After completing her degree in international business administration as a business economist, she primarily oversaw the support of the key accounts and sampling in general. Today Anna-Maria Müller, now a managing director herself, took charge of the private brand Diamonfire. Besides brand concept, marketing and coordination of press relations, she is for the main part responsible for product design and the development of the collection. She has made her father´s vision to her passion: Establishing Diamonfire as world brand.

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